Nighttime work on 9th/Avon Street just north of the bridge starting 8PM on Thursday, June 8th to 7AM on Friday, June 9th.
Work Zone extended north of East Market Street in the far right lane of Northbound 9th/Avon Street and impacts to the 9th Street/Avon Street/East Market Street Intersection.
Construction Vehicles entering/existing work zone south of bridge. Old Avon closed between Garrett Street and East South Street. Flagging on 9th/Avon Street, East Market Street, Garrett Street, Levy Avon, Old Avon, East South Street and Water Street. Water Street is one-way westbound between 10th Street NE and 4th Street SE. Sidewalk Closure on 9th/Avon Street, Pavilion Ramp, Garrett Street, Old Avon Street and Water Street.
Crosswalk closures at 9th/Avon/Garrett/Levy/Old Avon intersection, 9th/Avon/East Market intersection and along Water Street.

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Nighttime stormwater work will occur on 9th/Avon Street starting 8PM on Thursday, June 8th until 7AM on Friday, June 9th.  A new stormwater pipe will be installed across 9th/Avon Street.  Please watch for flaggers and workers as the travel lanes are shifted and outlined with barrels/cones to accommodate the shifting work area.

The work zone has been extended north of East Market Street in the far right lane of Northbound 9th/Avon Street.  Barrels have been placed in the right NB lane to protect the new stormwater inlets as well as new signal pole foundation .  Work will continue at both the East Market Street as well as Garrett Street/Levy Avenue intersection which will require temporary closure of lanes on the side streets.  All movements (straight, right, left) will be accommodated but please pay attention to flaggers and workers as lanes may shift or be closed.

Construction vehicles will be entering/exiting the work zone on 9th/Avon Street south of the bridge and railroad tracks.  The prefabricated units for the southern pedestrian underpass has been placed and construction will continue on the retaining wall leading to/from the underpass.  Please watch for flagging on 9th/Avon Street as these vehicles enter/exit the travel lanes.

Old Avon is closed between Garrett Street and East South Street to continue utility work and construction of a retaining wall for the new pedestrian plaza. 

Old Avon, East South Street (between Old Avon and Graves Street) and Monticello Road (between Graves Street and Old Avon) will be flagged as utility relocation continues, materials are moved and pedestrian lighting is installed. 

Vehicular traffic at the bridge on Water Street will be flagged with both pedestrian and vehicular travel being intermittently stopped for vehicles entering/exit the work area.  Water Street has been reduced to one lane in the westbound direction between 10th Street NE and 4th Street SE.  Detour signs direct eastbound traffic to 2nd Street SE to Garrett Street to 9th/Avon Street to East Market Street to 10th Street NE to Water Street.  On-street parking spaces are available on both sides of Water Street while Water Street is one-wayed (please park with vehicle pointed in the same, westbound direction).

The sidewalk detour on Water Street will change as needed to allow work on either side of the street.  The northern sidewalk on Water Street will remain closed between the pedestrian underpass and the bridge.  Pedestrians will be directed to the southern sidewalk (east of the bridge) and either need to use the mid-block crosswalk or the western crosswalk at the Transit Center to the northern sidewalk to destinations to the west.  The eastern crosswalk at the Transit Center will be closed.  The pedestrian underpass to the Pavilion/Downtown Mall is open and remains available as an alternative route for pedestrians.

To accommodate construction, segments of sidewalk and crosswalks will also be closed as work progresses.  No street will have both sides of the sidewalk closed at the same time.  The western sidewalk is closed along 9th/Avon between East Market Street and Levy Avenue/Garrett Street.  The pedestrian ramp south of the Pavilion leading to 9th/Avon Street is closed so pedestrians should use 7th Street NE or another adjacent side street to reach East Market Street and 9th/Avon Street.  The northern sidewalk along Garrett Street will be closed between the entrance to 310 Avon Street and Old Avon Street with pedestrians directed to the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.  The southern sidewalk along Old Avon Street is closed between Monticello Road and where it terminates near East South Street.

During the signal construction, one corner of an intersection will be closed at a time with pedestrians directed to the crosswalks across the other legs of the intersection.  The NW, SW and SE corners will be closed one at a time at the Levy Avenue/Garrett Street intersection while the NE (first one impacted), SE, and SW corners will be closed one at a time at the East Market intersection.  Flagging of vehicular traffic may occur on 9th/Avon just before the Levy Avenue/Garrett Street and just before East Market Street intersection to allow for conduit to be bored underneath the roadway.

ADA Deficiencies: Some of the existing ramps used as alternate routes do not have truncated domes. Cross slopes on some sidewalks may exceed 2%.  In the instance that pedestrians are attempting to head east/west along Market Street and the southeast ramp is closed, the detour will be along existing sidewalks along 10th Street and E. Jefferson.  10th Street sidewalk does have a slope greater than 8%.

Temporary solar powered lights have been installed along the eastern sidewalk of 9th/Avon Street between Graves Street and East Market Street.  An alternate pedestrian route to either Water Street or East Market Street is available via Garrett Street to 4th Street SE.

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the project area and access to private parcels will be accommodated.

Construction is being conducted by Caton Construction Group, Inc. for the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Public Works. The pedestrian pushbuttons at the 9th/Avon/Levy/Garrett intersection have been relocated to the large, wooden signal poles (NE, NW and SW corners) and an auxiliary wooden post with metal conduit (SE corner).

Work zone is posted at 25 MPH – please drive carefully with phones down.