Replacing Belmont bridge is a community priority. While there’s a sense of urgency, there’s also an understanding of importance. The new bridge will need to accommodate the changing needs of our community, integrate with downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, and add lasting value to the City’s visual appeal. The current preliminary design is based on a successful public engagement process that has benefited from the involvement of the public, stakeholder groups, the project’s Steering and Technical Committees and all of you. Understanding community values and expectations as well as functional requirements has informed the current preliminary design for the NEW Belmont Bridge. Yet we still eagerly need your input!


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News and Updates

The Belmont Bridge project is in the final stages before advertising the project for construction. The project team has submitted all required construction documents and is awaiting authorization from the Virginia Department of Transportation to proceed with advertisement. Click here to read the December 2020 project status report.


Monticello Road Traffic Flow Reversal on October 5, 2019 Click here for more information

Community Events

To date, outreach has generated 2,500+ touch points with the community, 30,000+ individual data points, and 1,000+ written comments. Click on the links below to read the summaries. For more information about all the workshops and committee meetings, check out the Resources page.