Q: Why is the existing bridge being replaced?

A: Based on past structural safety inspections, the existing bridge deteriorated to a structurally deficient status with a condition rating of 4 requiring its replacement for the safety of the traveling public.

Q: How long is the new bridge carrying 9th Street over Old Avon, Buckingham Branch Railroad and Water Street?

A: The existing bridge is to be replaced by a shorter bridge approximately 237 linear feet in length.

Q: What is the anticipated construction cost of the project? Who is paying for the project?

A: The construction contract is for approximately $23.7 million and is funded by a combination of City, State and Federal funds.

Q: Who is the City’s Contractor for the project?

A: The City’s Contractor is Caton Construction Group. 

Q: Will northbound and southbound pedestrian and vehicular traffic be maintained on 9th Street throughout the project’s construction?

A: Yes, traffic across the bridge will be maintained in both directions along 9th Street at all times.

Q: Will construction occur during events at the Ting Pavilion?

A: The Contractor will cease operations two hours before the start of a public event at the Ting Pavilion per the contract requirements.

Q: How do I stay up to date on traffic advisories and progress throughout the project?

A: Traffic advisories will be distributed by the City’s communication department and posted on the project website. Please join our email distribution list to receive traffic advisories directly by using the contact page of the website or contacting the project manager at janiczek@charlottesville.gov.

Q: When is the project expected to be completed?

A: Currently the project is expected to be completed by January 2024.

Q: What are the plans for accommodating safe bicycle travel during construction?

A: The existing SB bicycle lane along 9th Street between Levy Avenue and E. Market Street will be removed to facilitate shifting and maintenance of traffic. Bicyclists will be able to share the travel lane with vehicular users as is done elsewhere on 9th Street/Avon Street.

Q: What are the plans for accommodating safe and ADAG compliant pedestrian travel during construction?

A: The Contractor is required throughout construction to provide a safe and ADAG compliant pedestrian space. Pedestrian travel has been planned within the project area with the Maintenance of Traffic and the City has on-site inspectors to ensure the contractor complies with the City’s Pedestrian Accessibility in the Public Way During Construction policy as well as ADAG.

Q: What will be the vehicular parking situation along Old Avon Street, beneath the existing bridge and along South Street during construction?

A: In the summer of 2021, the Contractor will construct and open a temporary 60 space public parking lot at the corner of Old Avon Street and South Street. After the temporary parking lot is opened, the contractor has the ability to close or remove parking beneath the existing bridge, on road parking on Old Avon Street and on road parking on South Street. Following completion of the project, once on street parking and a new lot along Old Avon Street is opened, the temporary parking lot will be removed.

Q: Will access to private property be maintained throughout construction?

A: Access to private property will be maintained at all times throughout construction, but the access may not always be full or in the same fashion as existing conditions. Pay attention to signing and stay up to date on the latest traffic advisories by visiting Belmontbridge.org.