Construction Has Begun on the Belmont Bridge

On June 21, 2021, the City of Charlottesville granted Caton Construction Group. Stage 2 of construction began week of December 12, 2022 with traffic shifted to the new bridge and focus on construction of the remaining half of the Belmont Bridge including construction of the Enhanced Pedestrian Access Structure behind the pavilion.

Please watch for shifting travel lanes as well as follow the instructions of any flagger directing traffic as paving to begin on 9th St and around the project site. Pedestrian travel along 9th/Avon Street from eastern sidewalk to new, completed western sidewalk. Old Avon will be closed to all traffic to complete the final sanitary sewer upgrades at its intersection with East South Street. Vehicular traffic will be allowed for local trips along East South Street. Vehicles may access Old Avon up to its intersection with East South Street from 9th/Avon by using Monticello Road with parking available temporarily at the new, permanent parking lot west of the bridge. The Right turn lane of 9th St heading North onto Market St and Left turn lane of Market St heading west onto 9th St will be closed. Daytime work at 9th/Avon/Garrett/Levy/Old Avon intersection and 9th/Avon/East Market intersection. Work Zone extended north of East Market Street in the far right lane of Northbound 9th/Avon Street. Construction Vehicles entering/existing work zone north and south of bridge with traffic lanes shifting. Old Avon closed between Garrett Street and East South Street. Flagging on Old Avon, East South Street, 6th Street SE and Water Street. Water Street is one-way westbound between 10th Street NE and 4th Street SE. Sidewalk Closure on 9th/Avon Street, Pavilion Ramp, Graves Street, Garrett Street, Old Avon Street, East Market Street and Water Street. Crosswalk closures at 9th/Avon/Garrett/Levy/Old Avon intersection, 9th/Avon/East Market intersection and along Water Street. Old Avon Street will be closed at East South Street, western side of 9th/Avon Street.

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