Daytime Lane Closures on 9th/Avon Street Continues. New temporary parking lot open. Monticello Road between Graves Street and Old Avon re-opened to vehicular travel.

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To facilitate continued utility relocation activities and accommodate future traffic shifts, 9th/Avon Street will be reduced to two lanes to remove the concrete median and install a movable jersey wall barrier beginning weekdays starting at 8:30AM on Monday, September 13th.  Pavement patching will be conducted and traffic control devices(barrels) removed at the end of each workday.  Construction vehicles will be entering/exiting the work zone within 9th/Avon Street on a limited basis and traffic will be monitored by onsite inspectors.  Daytime work is expected to be complete this week with work switching to nighttime as construction begins adjacent to the turning lanes.

Monticello Road between Graves Street and Old Avon will be re-opened to vehicular travel.  The underground duct bank system for private utilities within the roadway has been constructed.  The next phase will be establishing new utility poles at the end of each duct bank and for the private utility companies to relocate their overhead lines within the underground conduit.

The new, temporary parking lot with 58 spaces is now open to the public.  Public Parking signs direct citizens to the entrance of the lot off of South Street.  Spaces are currently not time restricted.  The existing parking lot under the bridge has been closed to allow for reconstruction of the bridge over top and to create a laydown/storage area for the contractor.  Please expect more “No Parking” signs along the adjacent roadways as work progresses.

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the project area and access to private parcels will be accommodated.

Construction is being conducted by Caton Construction Group, Inc. for the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Public Works. The contractor is undergrounding electrical as well as telecommunication lines to accommodate the future pedestrian underpass under 9th/Avon Street between South Street and Monticello Road and maintain service to neighboring parcels.