Temporary Parking Lot closed on Wednesday, December 14th.

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A new vehicular traffic pattern will be instituted one day early tomorrow Wednesday, December 14th after the morning rush hour on 9th/Avon Street.  Only vehicles will be shifted to the new bridge to the east.  Rain previously forecasted for Wednesday is now expected Thursday so the vehicular traffic shift is being advanced.  Late morning, northbound traffic will be stopped briefly along 9th/Avon Street and a construction vehicle will lead traffic through the new travel pattern.  Work will continue on the concrete barrier/striping before southbound traffic will be stopped on 9th/Avon Street and then led through the new travel pattern by a construction vehicle.  Every effort will be made to complete work by 4pm before the afternoon rush hour begins.  

Pedestrians should continue to use the western sidewalk on 9th/Avon Street between Garrett Street and East Market Street.  This sidewalk will remain open until next week.  Its closure will be announced in a following traffic alert.

The temporary parking lot will be closed on Wednesday, December 14th to perform maintenance.  Please remove all vehicles the night before to help us maintain this lot for future public use.

Construction is being conducted by Caton Construction Group, Inc. for the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Public Works. The pedestrian pushbuttons at the 9th/Avon/Levy/Garrett intersection have been relocated to the large, wooden signal poles (NE, NW and SW corners) and an auxiliary wooden post with metal conduit (SE corner).

Work zone is posted at 25 MPH – please drive carefully with phones down.