Nighttime utility relocation moves out of the 9th/Avon/Garrett/Levy intersection, along 9th/Avon and onto Garrett the week of November 7th – 12th. Daytime flagging and traffic shifts within Avon/9th Street to prepare for the 1st Major Traffic Shift. Daytime through traffic restriction on Monticello Road between Levy Avenue and Graves Street.

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Public utility relocation from Graves Street will be concentrated within the 9th/Avon/Levy/Garrett intersection before moving onto Garrett Street.  To shorten the duration of work, steel plates will secure the excavation/stopping point at the end of each workday and pavement patching will be conducted by the end of the week during the day.  Work will resume the evening of Sunday, November 7th to Thursday, November 11th between 7PM to 7AM.  Work will continue under flagging within the intersection at the beginning of the week, change to a northbound right lane closure between Levy and Graves midweek to complete service tie-ins and move to Garrett within the on-street parking spaces by the end of the week.  No service interruptions are expected.  Nighttime work is expected to end this week and switch to daytime work over the next several weeks.

A temporary signal is also being erected within the 9th/Avon/Levy/Garrett intersection during the day to prepare for the major, upcoming traffic shift.  Most activities will be outside of the roadway, however, flaggers will be directing traffic through the intersection for certain activities spanning the roadway.  The new, temporary signal will be activated on the span wire with the first major traffic shift where all vehicular travel will be shifted to the existing two southbound lanes on the western bridge.  This traffic shift is expected to occur the week of November 15th – 19th.

Two work activities need to be completed this week for the traffic shift within 9th/Avon Street – eradicating existing roadway striping and erection of a concrete barrier (Jersey Wall).  Midweek the southbound vehicular lane on 9th/Avon will be shifted to the east to allow for striping eradication.  After this, both the northbound and southbound vehicular lanes will be shifted to the outermost lanes on 9th/Avon to place the concrete barrier (where median once was).

Monticello Road between Levy Avenue and Graves Street will be closed to through traffic starting Tuesday, November 9th to Monday, November 15th weekdays during the daytime hours of 7AM to 5PM.  Rockingham, a subcontractor for Dominion Energy, will be excavating the intersection of Monticello Road/Graves Street to access the concrete duct bank and pull new lines to connect to the overhead poles.  Workers and inspectors will ensure access is maintained to residents’ homes as needed.  Service interruptions are not expected in this second phase of four to transfer power to the new lines.

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the project area and access to private parcels will be accommodated.

Construction is being conducted by Caton Construction Group, Inc. for the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Public Works. The contractor is undergrounding electrical as well as telecommunication lines to accommodate the future pedestrian underpass under 9th/Avon Street between South Street and Monticello Road and maintain service to neighboring parcels.

Work zone is posted at 25 MPH – please drive carefully with phones down.